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21 Jun 2023
Typhoon Swell

Swell Report: Typhoon Guchol

Typhoon Guchol is the 3rd typhoon of the year that brought fun-sized swell to the south and east coasts.

Local charger in Jialeshuei, South Taiwan
Local charger in Jialeshuei, South Taiwan

Typhoon Guchol originated from a cluster of thunderstorms near the equator, where warm ocean waters served as the perfect breeding ground for its development. As it gained strength and momentum, it followed a typical path towards the northwest, making its way towards Taiwan.

With favorable atmospheric conditions, Guchol intensified into a powerful storm, churning up the ocean waters and building up the momentum for a good sized swell.

Forecast for Jialeshuei on Surfline

Forecast on Windy

The swell lasted for about 5 days in the south and south east. Jialeshuei, on the East Coast had the best conditions with clean offshore winds and strong 5ft mid-period swell.

Surfer surfing in Goofy Spot, Jialeshuei

Closeout in Jialeshuei, East Taiwan

Closeout in Jialeshuei, East Taiwan

Waves were good but only surfable around high tide, with low tide seeing more closeouts than make-able peaks.

Waves in Jialeshuei, East Taiwan

Waves and surfers in Jialeshuei

The South coast on the other hand saw smaller, fun sized waves in the head high range. As the swell peaked over the weekend, it also brought in large crowds

Waves and crowds in Nanwan

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